Swim Lessons

Why us?

We focus on students from the residents of the complex, we offer a great starter program to encourage students to participate in our training session.

Award Winning Team

We customize personalized programs for each individual to achieve their fitness goals at our clients’ homes throughout a wide range of cities

Swimming Made Easy

With certified instructors, insured lessons, and safe environment. Aqua Star benefit students and strata residents.

Toddler & Preschool Private Swim lessons

Aquastar Swim School offers swimming lessons for toddlers and preschoolers to learn how to swim and develop their confidence and proper skill set in the water that can be used in any water situation. Aquastar provides private swim instructions similar to the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society Swim Program, but in a one-to-one environment.

Kids Private Swim lessons

Aquastar Kids swim lesson program allows students to expand their knowledge in their swimming techniques and skills to learn how to swim on their own as they gradually master all the steps as a swimmer. These programs are taught by Aquastar certified, experienced and insured private swim instructors in your local area. Also, Aquastar private swim lessons allow parents to customized their own swim lesson plans that are catered to each child’s individual needs.

Private Swim Lessons for Seniors 55+

There is a saying that “it is never too old to learn”, and it applies to how to swim too! Any older adult who has always wanted to face their fear but never gotten a chance to really overcome it, Aquastar Swim School provides a special package only for adults who are older than 55 years old. We integrate private swim instructions with water safety to strengthen their comfort and safety in, on, and around the water. We are happy to share your experience no matter what your age say, just come and join us then we will handle the rest.

Private Swim Lessons for Competitive League

Aquastar also offers private competitive swimming lesson for those who seek for more challenging swim set for the training. We will have specific qualified Aquastar instructors that have the competitive background to provide swim lessons to those who are interested. Our private swim lessons can also be fully customized to adults wishing to work on their techniques in the water.

Private Lifeguard for House Only Service

Aquastar offers lifeguards service as well! You are able to hire our certified professionals when there are events or pool parties that need an eye with extra care to watch. We will provide certified, insured and trusted lifeguards to your events to make sure your events will run smoothly without any hiccups or hesitations.


AQUA S.T.A.R. Free 20 Minutes Trial Class

We invite new swimmers to join us for a Free 20 Minutes Trial Class. Come and see why we are different from other swim schools and enjoy our encouraging approach.