Swim Lessons for Seniors 55+

Private Swim Lessons for Seniors 55+

There is a saying that “it is never too old to learn”, and it applies to how to swim too! Any older adult who has always wanted to face their fear but never gotten a chance to really overcome it, AquaStar Swim School provides a special package only for adults who are older than 55 years old. We integrate private swim instructions with water safety to strengthen their comfort and safety in, on, and around the water. We are happy to share your experience no matter what your age say, just come and join us then we will handle the rest.

AQUASTAR’s certified and insured private swim instructors will travel to your pool location and provide the best swim lessons and learning experience in the comfort of your own swimming pool and facility.

Whether your goals are to develop basic swim skills or pursue to be on a swim team in the future, our swim lesson is suitable and customizable. For first time participants, our AquaStar private swim instructor will conduct an assessment during our 20 mins Free Trial period and the very first lesson that is booked through AquaStar. Each student will receive a report card upon request and upon the completion of each level.

Book your adult private swim lessons with AQUASTAR and register your first trial class at our trial page or call 1-604-330-7152 for more information.


Let’s get started and join Aquastar!