Our Mission

To create as the “at-condo”  mobile training team. One private lesson at a time to establish an unforgettable experience to be remember and be recognize by the community.  


A Few Words About

AQUA S.T.A.R.'s Vision

AQUASTAR recognizes that time is of the essence for parents with busy schedules. Hence we have created a platform to allow parents to utilize their swimming facility in their condo/apartment. Likewise, parents can enjoy watching their children learn swimming in a safe environment. Moreover knowing that they are just stepping away from their home.

We leverage the convenience of existing swimming facilities within the students’ complexes to provide professional private coaching. Compared to lessons offered from the community centres, our sessions provide one-on-one or maximum one-on-two per class. Which AQUASTAR gives the students undivided attention throughout every private swimming lessons.

On average, each student masters the basics with 12 lessons. Our service helps you not only save time from travelling but also enables you to save money in the long run. Meanwhile, AQUASTAR continuously assisting each student to achieve better results.


AQUASTAR believes that the SUCCESS we create for all of our students can lead to long term positive reinforcement in anything as long as they put their mind and soul into it. Compared to many other sports, swimming can be very challenging, but with determination and patience, students whom a member of AQUASTAR will ensure that they make it to all levels.



AQUASTAR instructors will put their best efforts to make all of our students the very TOP ones. We ensure that our clients receive daily updates on the lessons with the students. To see how they perform and what they need to improve in order to get to a level we are aiming to reach.


AQUASTAR understands the joy of ACHIEVEMENT when one can perform a skill in the water, and that can be extremely rewarding. As a result, in comparison to other swim classes you might have experienced, AQUASTAR ensures that all our swimming instructors will work hard on our end to deliver the best swim class every time.

Such as the community centres, where the overbooking wait-list never ends, overcrowded swimming pools, and little to none attention dedicated to the child who is participating in the swimming class.



To have the best RESULTS from the students, we believe that we need to start with a good sense of mutual understanding with the parents and to figure out their intentions and needs before we can expand on the skill sets for the students to fulfill their expectations.

As a result of our training, the outcome of the skill sets they have acquired will be part of their instincts instead of a skill set that they will forget as time goes.